A - Z Cellular Connectivity Specialists

Keepgo Europe specializes in global connectivity to help businesses ensure that they always have a stable and reliable solution that fits the highly demanding world of today. With a variety of solutions, we can make sure you have the connectivity services to help your business succeed .


Our Plug and Play solutions will ensure that you will have a safe and secure internet connection with a multi-provider set-up to always provide the best internet connection.


Our extensive knowledge, skills, expertise and connections in the telecom market along with our connectivity management platform allows us to offer you customized prepaid connectivity solutions including white label solutions that fit your business model.


We offer unlimited data plans with no restriction, no fair-use policy and flexible terms on the best telecom networks in Europe and Worldwide.


In response to the growth of the IoT/M2M market we offer a connectivity management platform that allows you to customize and monitor your connections whenever and wherever you want without compromising on competitive data rates and top tier networks.


We developed a connectivity management platform that allows you to customize and develop all manner of connectivity products regardless of your business model.


Having the best hardware is crucial to any project. With the partners we have gained over the years, we will make sure to give you the most fitting product for your business.

Keepgo Europe is an official partner of AT&T, Telefonica,  Vodafone, T-Mobile, and many more tier 1 carriers around the globe. Our products are used in travel, home broadband, IoT devices, automotive, maritime, healthcare, and other markets.

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Our partnership with Keepgo is creating thousands of happy customers in Europe who we now can offer a perfect solution for their smart devices, like MiFi routers, smartphones, and M2M / IoT solutions. We combined our portal with the great products and customer service of Keepgo and are now the leading data sim only provider in the Netherlands.

We use Keepgo’s IoT solution for our event ticket scanners. The high reliability, combined with the extensive amount of features in the SIM management platform, were key in our decision to work with Keepgo.