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10GB Europe + NA Prepaid Connectivity Kit

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✔ CAT6 LTE Hotspot

✔ SIM Card + 10GB

✔ Powerbank +40 Hours

✔ Multi-Carrier in every country

✔ Ethernet

✔ Europe + USA + Canada Coverage

✔ Top-up and monitor traffic in real-time

✔ Auto-topup for continues connectivity

Being able to stay connected even without a power supply is crucial when preparing for crisis situations. With this robust CAT6 LTE mobile hotspot with 25 hours battery on board, you will be well prepared. Equipped with our multi-carrier prepaid SIM, you can be confident you’ll have connectivity under all possible circumstances.

Droam prepaid WiFi hotspot allows you to create your own password-protected WiFi network to connect up to 10 of your WiFi devices.

External antenna, reserve power bank, water-proof case, car and multi-standard chargers are also included in the kit to ensure you are connected always and everywhere.