Our team at Droam brings years of experience in mobile connectivity and can help you with the best possible setup for your unique internet needs.

While designing a solution for your project, we take into account all the specifics of your connectivity needs: costs, coverage, latency, redundancy, frequency bands, LTE categories, load balancing/bonding functionality, monitoring needs, and other criteria.


In many European countries, when people move, it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks from when they move to have the internet at home.

Since 2016, we have been officially supplying customers of Tier-1 internet providers with a mobile WiFi hotspot + an unlimited hi-speed data plan to use until they get their internet set up at home. We deliver the mobile WiFi hotspot to anywhere in the Benelux region within 24 hours.


Since 2013, we have been providing the national teams of the Royal Dutch Football Association (men and woman) with mobile hotspots for staff and players during tournaments and training camps abroad.

We provide them a stable and reliable internet connection in 30+ countries around the world, including Brazil, Azerbaijan, Japan, Ukraine, Serbia, Iceland, several EU countries, and many more. We are honored and proud to be part of the successes of the Dutch national pride “Oranje”.


Every summer thousands of European migrants workers mostly from Poland, Romania, and Spain come to Western Europe to work on farms or in fulfillment centers and many of them are housed in bungalows.

A temporary housing company charged with providing accommodations for the workers hired us to outfit the bungalow park with fast and reliable broadband. Each year we install, maintain, and, at the end of the season, remove the broadband infrastructure.


One of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands approached us to help them with inter-store connectivity specifically to host large online meetings between all 200+ store managers.

We provided 4G mobile hotspots to each store with unlimited data. The mobile hotspots were preprogrammed to make for easy setup and automatic connection to the internet.


HC@Home, health monitoring devices rental company, came to us looking to reduce their connectivity costs without compromising on having a secure, fast and reliable internet. The company was spending more than they needed as they were using a data-pool model which left many GBs of unused data creating a significant strain on their profitability.

We offered HC@Home a pay-per-MB pricing model, allowing them to pay only for the actual data that used, and be able to deploy health monitoring IoT devices instantly and without having to pay and wait for activation.


A leading hardware rental company reached out to us to help them with a governmental project involving elections in the Netherlands.  The project consisted of interviewing voters at the election sites.  We outfitted thousands of tablets for the project with SIM cards so each tablet was equipped with a fast, reliable and secure internet connection. 

This large-scale internet connectivity solution allowed the government to easily alter their interview questions and collect the data in real-time with lots of demographic information.  Without the internet connectivity, all the tablets would have to be collected and the data from the questionnaires extracted one by one.


Founded in 2009, Droam is a leading provider of mobile connectivity solutions for cellular, broadband, and IoT devices. Utilizing our proprietary as-a-service software, our products connect private, M2M and enterprise customers to more than 500 networks in over 150 countries.    |    +31 (0) 85 06 456 85